nova, the madman’s muse 04252017

with her lace spread out before me… with shivers at the site of her wings… with the loss of her eternal heart… with the joy of our last kiss… with her guise upon me… with all the pleasure of tomorrow… with all of these eyes to see… with her body drenched in sweat… with the […]

les hodabes guitare 04162017

given in the heavy gratitude stress may wield, i take her neck with my left hand; firm and strong. i can feel her wetness between the lucent, but minute, distance us. fingers… always touch with my fingers. she stretches out like a lap cat purring some dream into midnight streams on the north side of […]

blessed by pacific waves

somewhere is nowhere while nowhere is somewhere; let the satyr feast upon your moist, slippery meat… lost in the folds of your enigma. where are we now, my dear? with one good eye, like euripides, revel in the moment; so deep in the great smokey wood, dead of lustful winter… but no predicated snow to […]