byllesby rein

sitting and watching the rushing water i see the world in your eyes; what a wondrous place to be. your scent the only perfume about so close that it fills my blood with madness. the stars shining so bright mean nothing compared to your eyes staring into mine. the warmth of your lips so sweet […]

Journal Entry: 14 February 2016

Tiny speckled movements developed in the sand as they shimmered and glimmered across my toes.  The waters calmed crash banked in my ears and held its own to the sound of her breathing next to me.  Locks clicked loudly and I opened my eyes.  The sun was still sleeping, but my pockets were full.  That […]

the white picket fence

smoke that rubs its white fuzz muzzle on the panes of glass lick itself into the corners of the evening; lingered upon the drains of pools in indian summer. let autumn upon us and the soot that falls from chimneys up here in the mountains in the beginning of november slip by the many terraces […]

ode au feu d’enfer

and from the needle there will be time for the smoke to slide along the street and rub its perpetual back upon the windows… time to empty your face to meet the faces upon the foggy street and to kill. there will be time to create a murder and time for all the hands of […]

bon ange bien

you don’t even speak. i know your good intentions are more than i can bare. i have heard the excuses before, but do not believe the hype that a clean wound will heal faster because i have been killed a hundred thousand time. now it is up to me to follow the trail you blazed […]

and then

pretty ribbons for her mouth and perfume for stench; red floors and empty windows; a cinderblock for a brain. slowly and with loose intelligence i tie her up and call it love. there is no submission of fate. the paper world feels waxy like the buildup of emotion that melts feeling within my throat. i […]

réveil avec elle le matin

watching in the shadow of the morning next to you the petals fall slowly across your breasts; color crumbling from the wall in lines. in inches of orange and pink, the sun rises in gradual shades across your soft skin and kisses your neck just below your ear. i still lay in the dark kissing […]