the drifting of the madman between a realities kiss 03072018

i never learned her name after our lips parted. i can remember this electric shock filled my body just before our lips collided; souls waved upon the shore. her scent devouring me, entering me from every conceivable pore. i was on fire. these breathtaking eyes kept looking in me. i could feel her soul touch […]

the madman’s faible nouveau pont (refrain 8) mesmorized lust 02032018

on the phone i say i didnt say, but yet i was going… tripping (to be honest) across the river. (for now) i am over the bridge. i am on the other shore, but reached the other side as it were with little hiccups and dabbles of humor and haughty hubris; the return of the […]

sihpmem’s last wonder of the world (the broken madman) 01042018

selling out, there is no time for self esteem. make sure to take your sleepy pill tonight and be patient waiting for your slumber flight. i am way too late to be off smart. i will just leave your mask inside the box. so smile your cold anatomy (with teeth like stars) until you start […]