the pub crawl

she came up only to hold me under her breath. to know her is difficult and it makes me wonder if to know her is all wrong; i should be warned. it is fashionably too late to call, so i wait for morning to wake her. on the outside, the dead leaves lay on the […]


the science of your frozen heart next to your sweet lamp does not melt my sweet heart in your ivory hand. my wishes burn down slowly to crumbling embers while ripped blue stockings, white peppermint tea, and smoke just slip in the room to choke me. i have been thrown out so many times that […]

carved on my arm

there is the watercolor of the leaves and the oranges the leaves turn to. you, the one of the loving, stand by. to stand in your presence is to stand in the boat from heaven and be in awe. faux forces hold me to your heart. i know the case is not over yet, but […]

cantos on the blue

cantos on the blue – pome I Give me a pen and let me lean On heaps of flowers so sweet smelling. Open my eyes to fields clear and wide. My tablet is banked on the stars, And my hand guided by angels. Strings plucked from the harp between All the sounds of the world […]

the silent banker

your voice comes back when enough is enough, but it is never enough. even in suave gestures in doors, the photographs are just my mere memories; just holes full of colors and glares from shiny new covers on books, but never enough. you drink the mystic green fluid like antifreeze; pregnant with ideas and novel […]

the barn door on highway 17

burned hearts are blind to inevitable madness where the devil takes care himself with warm embraces and helping hands. i sit alive with her eyes as my heart and the light of a screen, busted in a rage with siren breasts somewhat buttoned and still yet busting through the silence. in the next town over […]


words draining wisdom into the brothers and sisters of America… whores of the world on the streets of open ended sentences, but not withstanding the light of forgiveness. jealousy rages on like the north wind on a jagged saxophone’s scream into a blanket after an obliterating orgasm. monks chant the notes and music running out […]