fleche tordue of cupid

those parts of you the world can see wants nothing at all to do with the thought that hearts can mend; in all tongues, your voice, is the voice of souls and given that the uttering of bare truth, even so far as to commit the outward plains of outward praise to the crown. those […]

just another natural echo

in my dullness of subtle substance, my flesh became thought and i discovered an immense distance should not stop my way; then despite the space i discover i would be sought… from the edge of limits too far remote, where you stay. no matter, i tell you, no matter, although i do stand on the […]

bois rouge

while she ate her mind in the bedroom i pretend to read and pretend to pay no derivative attention or whatever, but i wait for her heart beat to steady. we went for a walk, the two of us, but by now both of us are starving to talk and get in to say everything […]