we live in stone rooms. we hang our hair out the windows and up it dims the sky. a garden behind my ears, the curls. and each hill a king of that hill. at night the threads pull from the tapestries; unraveled man screams. all moons reveal we had the words. who are the shades […]


lost in sex-enhancers from china or such where ravines shed black mists into water nightly and in daylight widows weave their long hair into grass huts and hermits admit on scrolls about loneliness and its powers of persuasion. mushrooms dance suddenly soft. the tree sways as one ink on a brushstroke in the brain. flowers […]


She looked up from her deep concentration from looking at the assorted screws and nuts in her hand and asked me, “How do you know you will miss me?” “Do you want me to describe it the way a normal person would or how I would describe it? I only ask because I know most […]