petals in the wind

you are the sculptress of petals and beads of fine sand. i was drawn toward you before time could say one word. one drop of sweat hangs from the needle. my sweat and my fear, white cuffed sleeves, are soaked with your memory. in that one droplet you are reflected like a naked woman in […]

lucid dress

we know now your clothes will never be needed, we keep them anyway. sometimes i kneel here touching you just to remember the actual shape of your hands and your lips; the love in the shape of your eyes. my hands push down between the hollow, invisible sleeves, and hesitate, slowly taking hold of your […]

sogno impossibile

when thinking about any mathematical constants it is impossible to know when lines are too long or when the truth becomes bullshit. energy that expands from the simple suggestion of your love soothes over old wounds, but then falls off in a true cyclic paradigm my aching is as if a bone got lost inside […]

should all be mad

forgive me now i understand. i walk outside and the rain stopped and the ribbon of blacktop shines to my right and my left. i know i had outlived madness; i felt a little sad. yet still, i got in the car; old man with silver hair who dislikes talking. i crawled into the back […]

de mes lèvres au vôtre

the sparkling behind your eyelids… who is it? your lips upon mine in the ordinal way; whipping to a lather inside as i tremble with you in my arms on the blanket by the river. and on the precipice with you on the tips of your toes and arms around my neck… your eyes broke […]

anonymous notes from pipers gap at twelve

you are just a beautiful driver in the machine; up front and aching from the observation and the love. you know where you are going caressing the most passing of scenes with both of your hands in passion. vulnerable as anyone knew with one hand behind your head, fingers laced through your hair like sweet […]

algodon on the morning

it is strange now to think of you gone and away from my arms with out corsets or eyes to see into mine while i walk on the pavement melting the souls of my shoes and leading me blind into the sun. talking and reading and writing aloud listening to the little trouble girl on […]