the madman’s faible nouveau pont (refrain 8) mesmorized lust 02032018

on the phone i say i didnt say, but yet i was going… tripping (to be honest) across the river. (for now) i am over the bridge. i am on the other shore, but reached the other side as it were with little hiccups and dabbles of humor and haughty hubris; the return of the […]

the madman’s faible nouveau pont (refrain 5) the muse’s vivd dream 11142017

i looked toward the deep blue perfect in her eyes and crawling slowly across the water, to be perfect, i find the steps to climb are requisitely loved. to say you are perfect already would be an invention; lacking so much truth! the uncivil and moist breathing of the swamp buildings downtown (running off the […]

the coming storm or how the madman dwindled in the autumn 10092017

whose lips have embraced my lips? i must know (posthaste!) where and why. i forgot my manners (and my sin) and what rifles upon my heart until morning. the rain is just, for this night, full of ghosts (my loving coils and string theories) that touch her heart and thigh. in the glass half-full and […]