the recluse and the madman 07092017

if i could only could pen shades of you not even the rawest thoughts can remain; gleaned from the heart of such romance. words exist for you… to taunt you… to touch your tender lips and swell, for joy surges in a word created. one word is not enough for what i see in you. […]

the little trouble girl of the madman 07092017

when i was sunlight, sneaking through leaves, i hungrily could taste your desire upon my tongue. the pitter patter of steps up and down the hallway echo through time and space to true love’s calling. when i was the thunderous (yet kindly mellowing) echo of a passing train, sparks would fly round while i miss […]

pome 712 the madman’s baiser 07012017

through time and space goes a friend on and on about her deep obsession with nietzsche and his wild apollo and dionysus birthing utter tragedy. perhaps, whilst out of time, they can make their final amends. madness is the true realization of tragedy nothing can stop what is coming… through the paper thin walls, we […]