chaton, mon amour (the madman and the kitten) 01042018

little bird, little bird sitting on the ocean bring your body to me and live in the motion of feeling me, touching me, and tasting all the tiny elements surrounding and abating. just watch the snow touching sand insanely knowing mother earth will heat us all abruptly. feel your juices i am licking deep within […]

chaton angélique (the madman in heaven) 12102017

for the love of reality, please take those lips away (that form so sweetly form) and those eyes that break the day with light that misleads the morning, my precious love. i dreamt i was in declension (fallen from my prime and old) when my kisses brought again a sealed love, but vanity. i dreamt […]

the madman’s faible nouveau pont (refrain 7) the wasted astronaut 11282017

once, just suddenly, i looked up from the rising sun to seduce with my precious blue eyes a nymph (randomness abound). i realized, once more, i was going to save the world. in the sand we marched to the other shore (this and we were still sore) looking for peace. is this world already perfect? […]

the madman’s faible nouveau pont (refrain 6) the halo of truth 11272017

a world without end floating in the dust suggests a subtle, but ethereal flower… the streets of time and loss with neither grime nor cost in the bluest sads and highest fault is the marsh bellows of ole charles towne; a lost colony of empty space. the old and murky ink laced in black lace […]

the madman’s faible nouveau pont (refrain 5) the muse’s vivd dream 11142017

i looked toward the deep blue perfect in her eyes and crawling slowly across the water, to be perfect, i find the steps to climb are requisitely loved. to say you are perfect already would be an invention; lacking so much truth! the uncivil and moist breathing of the swamp buildings downtown (running off the […]