the madman, persephone, and their fantasy 08182017

persephone, oh persephone… how you strike me

with beauty and love. i dissolve like sugar crystals

upon your tongue becoming less of me and more of us.

i dreampt you (your crystal eyes, your luscious lips…

your heart and soul) before i ever knew you existed.
my perfect nova, persephone (my beautiful muse)…

how i love to dance with thee and the progenitors

and the ensuing chaos encompasses your brilliance.

the ache to feel the touch of your callused fingers

(the guitar sings for you!) is quite quaveringly palpable.
(you) the goddess (with a lavender rose in one hand, a gala

in the other) proclaimed me king of kings; chthonic,

yet in sunlight. i lust for thy soul and desire thy heart.

we wash our rabelaisian crowns from our bodies; beautiful.

the silky silt softens our seductive kiss and sweetness… our resolve.
to wit is too whit.

i will catch you.

i will carry you.

i will love you.

too whit…
~jas #hodabes


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