the lords, the sun, and the madman 07302017

more beautiful than i am or ever as beautiful as i was,
i weep for the lost souls out on pittsburg avenue looking
in on the moist flesh and glittered bodies of beautiful
and milky creamy women feigning desire on their hips
and dripping between their lips. behind the sun dreams
of the aching release on our lips. it is desire. desire and dreams!

into rain and only after i was the sunlight, i bit your lip
to merely get your heated attention; bite me. bite me now!
the thunderous echo of each breath you take delivers electricity
throughout my skeleton and throughout my soul. blazing saddles,
we ride again! barely standing, we cradle the moon with true love’s
kiss. true love’s fucking kiss, it tell thee! one twat of a newly
stretched violin string can cause the sensation to burst. damn!

it is time to feel these things we dread, the things we
cannot truly need. it is time to see these things in bed,
the things we cannot see. it is time to breathe in oxygen,
the thing atomically glistening. it is time to live life
incarnate the things we must agree. it is time to fly off
on whim’s dreams, the things below the subconscious of dreams.

~jas #hodabes


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